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WT-As - 25/03/2018

Beginners - Novice - Open
(Max. 90 honden)

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Organisatie : Hasseltse Hondenschool

Keurmeesters : Lydia Goossens - Filip Bollen - Stef Bollen - Rob Schmidt(NL) - Thano Keller(A)


Not approved yetAik Arthos vom DunkelschlagLRBOELTER Elisabeth
Approved Andras Janne vom DunkelschlagLRBerger-Göddecke Ursula
Approved B. & Int. FTCH Ragweed's KeedLRKoch Caroline
Approved Back to the Roots Gold-Skin JackGRIrlenbusch Stefan
Approved Brown Boy Chewbacca of the Naughty Dogs GRLickes Walter
Approved Call Stoke of Mountain Forest GladeLRRohm Heike
Not approved yetCerbel BitternLRHeijtveldt Nina
Not approved yetChestnut Hunter OlympiaLRWenning Jutta
Approved Ciao Morle of Mountain Forest GladeLRSengl Monika
Not approved yetClassic Lab's StormLRSchellens Fred
Approved Collin from golden lake of miraclesGRSoons Petra
Approved Copperlake NinjaGRDe Peuter Nils
Approved Cynhinfa MaraLRDierks-Meyer Bernadette
Approved Dark Devotion Tender TreasureFRWilms Andrea
Not approved yetDelighted Hunter Cheerful MilouLRDeckers Gesa
Approved Dual Bente Vd Hooydamhoeve LRVan Vlerken Esther
Approved Dual's Hope LewisLRSmits Joost
Approved Flat-Hunter's Strilie Eye CandyFRSintobin Sabine
Approved FTW Moonlight Of The Charmed Angel JAYJAYLRKetels Erwin
Not approved yetFTW Westmacott Heidi (Shiva)LRVerheire Ann
Approved Gin vom alten TrappistenklosterLRHerrmann Volker
Approved Golden Worker Enthusiastic CorryGRHeidelauf Gabriele
Approved Golden Worker Enthusiastic RavenGRTheuerkauf Angelika
Approved Golden Worker Fast and Furious BrooklynGRSeidel Sabine
Approved Golden Worker Hurricane HarleyGRHuxsohl Jasmin
Approved Golden Worker Hurricane RyderGRTheuerkauf Angelika
Approved Hazel Of The Spring CottageLRvan Schaijk Anja
Approved Heather of the Spring CottageLRVingerhoets Petra
Approved Jayjayjoy of Angels CourtLRSchokker Willem
Not approved yetKay of the Charmed AngelLRmaerievoet gaston
Approved Kroonkennel's JenteLRCeuppens Andre
Not approved yetLuca vom Keien FennLRBergmann Barbara
Not approved yetMenno MGRGevens Katrien
Approved Messi MGRjambon lies
Approved Ninastirith Pennyways (Owain)GRReuter-Gill Judith
Approved Patanavac PhillipaLRWilmes Matthias
Approved Quick Stepers FairytaleLRReichelt Heike
Approved Quizz my Melodie of Golden SpiritGRGeerlings Dick
Approved Ragweed's TripLRSchneider Sabine
Not approved yetRaven From The Gundog FarmLRAkkerman Leon
Approved Rushhunter Alpina Atomic JonahGRLoosen Karin
Approved Soinneanta FinneganGRSoons Petra
Approved Speed´n Style Bond, James BondLRBuisman Andrea
Approved Stonehunter Inka GreenGRHolemans Gerrit
Approved Thornproof KharooLRSchäfer Ulla
Approved Tofts People Are Strange 'Lucy'GRHaerens Hilde
Not approved yetTyne (Mika)LRSchmidt Ingrid
Approved Windworker's CaltropGREsser Sarah
Approved Windworker's Dartford GRJäger Sandra
Approved Windworker's DevonGREsser Sarah


Approved Abenthan BellLRHerrmann Volker
Approved Back to the Roots I am PepperGRHaubold Thomas
Not approved yetBarney's Great AdventureFRLampey Claudia
Approved Beautiful Baer from just GoldensGRFontaine Melanie
Approved Brown Hunt's Heartbreaker FinlayLRRichert Sandra
Approved Bubilotti's All in one Prinz SamuGRKlingberg Natascha
Approved Burrendale WookieeLRHein Melanie
Not approved yetCaja vom Schellenberger WaldGRTheisen Stephan
Not approved yetCeltic Falco a Summoner's TaleGRSchürmann Heike
Approved Cerbel In Love LRDijkkamp Jeroen
Not approved yetCool Coffee Arlet StarLRBucca Dania
Approved Cooper´s Golden Candid Clyde GREschweiler Simone
Approved Cooper's Golden Candid CrimbleGRFaßbender Gerd
Approved Crazylake AfrikaLRDierks-Meyer Bernadette
Not approved yetDundoll s Choice AvalynLRJonge Aart
Not approved yetDyana´Lys irish FireflyLRHolstein ilona
Approved Evaine von der KlifflinieLRPecha Iris
Approved Golden Lining Absolute ChaseGRGliem Nicole
Approved Holland`s Brad of UpperclawsLRSchokker Victorine
Approved Hollygreen's Brilliant Love ShotGRBoonen Katrien
Approved Honey-Moon aus Aquis-GranaGRLutterbach Annelie
Not approved yetJill's Summer Breeze of Sir GeofLRPepels Kim
Approved Kate of Gina's HomeGRLenßen Sabine
Approved Otis of Mystirious PrideLRSchapmans Elie
Approved Quick Stepers Faried LRGünther Christine
Not approved yetQuick Stepers FredericLRLorenz Anja
Not approved yetRenssor Evilicious ElijahGRMüller Karsten
Not approved yetRenssor HeartbreakerGRWechtenbruch Heike
Not approved yetRushhunters Alpina Atomic FridaGRKrichels Nadine
Approved SL JollyChoc´s Eternal Doc´s DukeLRMüntel Volker
Not approved yetStarcreek NomiLRBucca Dania
Not approved yetStonehunter's LunaGRVogel Klaus
Approved Weljesten Promise AuGRSoons Petra
Not approved yetWood fen NikitaLRVerachtert Maria
Approved Woodfen KamielLRVan den Bergh Els


Not approved yetAmazing Petite My Golden SunshineGRWendt Benno
Approved Back to the Roots IvyGRGörlas Ulrike
Approved Bell Oktave ClonneyGRHoffs Cyra
Approved Bell Oktave CountessGRSchewe Barbara
Approved Blackfen OliveLRCoeckelberghs Alexandra
Approved Brix terra mariqueFRHagemeier Thomas
Approved Cawood SkyGRGeerlings Anja
Not approved yetDanube Boondocks Amber DHENYALRDr. Krings-Ernst Ilana
Approved Dark Noble's Journey to the StarsFRSauer Marianne
Approved Dark Noble's Journey To Your HeartFRHöffken Ingrid
Not approved yetDeep lake pacoLRVan Steenberghe Gilbert
Approved Deep Lake Pebbles of StarcreekLRGoossens Lydia
Approved Delighted Hunter Enjoy DangerLRBrenner Frank
Approved Dynamic Emil of Nature's GardenLRKuhlmann Simone
Not approved yetElza's Memory Tuscan de ChampagneGRAus dem Kamen Han
Approved Emmanygan SatchLRKoch Caroline
Approved Flatgold's BarnsleyGRSvenka Jarka
Approved Gundog´s Choice FlameLRFrohne Ariane
Approved Gundog´s Choice FlinteLRHuygens Gregory
Approved Gundog's Choice EliyaLRMichels Anja
Not approved yetHoney Rose Fort Hell Labradors (Pepper)LRvan Dort Anieke
Not approved yetHuels' Hunters LennyLRFischer Sabrina
Approved Jersey Girls PatchLRTentler Cornelia
Approved Jersey girls RaileyLRVan den Boogaard Perry
Approved Limetrees Golden Crimson of KarlottaGREikeln Stefanie
Not approved yetLoyal Wish van de Hooydam HoeveLRSchrumpf Cor
Approved Never change HazelLRSchreiber Renate
Not approved yetNostro Bruno umbra fidaFRMarotta Sylvia
Not approved yetOnly you of Mystirious PrideLRVan Ryne Marc
Approved Paddy from Ulysse's SpiritLRTimmermans Theo
Not approved yetPhilGill's EasyGRjanssen-coolen gerrie
Approved Pikachu's Pride of Chicquera's CrownNSDTRVantorre Nikie
Approved Quick Stepers HollyLRSohn Doris
Approved Rocket Star PoirotLRSavels Jef
Approved SL JollyChoc's FlickaLRLemke Sandra
Not approved yetTammy van de WaterlandspolderLRBakker - Bergman Suzanne
Approved Tyrrellison Star RubyLRLeferink Lisa
Approved Viertje my Melodie of Golden SpiritGRde Haan Edeltraud
Approved Westmacott Jael "Hazel"LRSpruyt Mario

Not approved yetInschrijving wacht op acceptatie van de organiserende club.
Approved Inschrijving geaccepteerd door de organiserende club.


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