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WT-Anzegem - 09/06/2018

Beginners - Novice - Open
Max. 120 honden

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Organisatie : Will to Please

Keurmeesters :


Approved B. & Int. FTCH. Jane Des Ormeaux De VillebetonLRVolders Dirk
Approved B. & Int. FTCH Ragweed's KeedLRKoch Caroline
Approved Beechdale's FinchLRKlein Henk
Approved Bleech vom ReckbergLRKampmann Linda
Approved Classic Lab's StormLRSchellens Fred
Approved Collin from golden lake of miraclesGRSoons Petra
Approved Copperlake NinjaGRDe Peuter Nils
Approved Covellyn's Black Archer BJChFRVan Hyfte Barbara
Approved Cynhinfa MaraLRDierks-Meyer Bernadette
Approved Daredevil Ellie of Mountain Forest GladeGRPhilipp Petra
Approved Doubleuse The OneGRPehrson Asa
Approved Dual Bente Vd Hooydamhoeve LRVan Vlerken Esther
Approved Dual's Hope LewisLRSmits Joost
Approved Dual's Hope MitchellLRRoeten Lynn
Approved Flat-Hunter's Strilie Eye CandyFRSintobin Sabine
Approved Flying Kangaroo IghorGRDe Peuter Nils
Approved Gin vom alten TrappistenklosterLRHerrmann Volker
Approved Go Back FinlagganLRHelmrath Thorsten
Approved Godwit (Skyler)LRvan de Ven Ingrid
Approved Golden Worker Enthusiastic CorryGRHeidelauf Gabriele
Approved Hazel Of The Spring CottageLRvan Schaijk Anja
Approved Heather of the Spring CottageLRVingerhoets Petra
Approved Jayjayjoy of Angels CourtLRSchokker Willem
Approved jobic des fields de maunyLRHeijmans Rinus
Approved Kayenne Of The Charmed AngelLRSylvie Peire
Approved Kroonkennel's JenteLRCeuppens Andre
Approved Loyal Gunner van de Hooydam HoeveLRBrosky Arno
Approved Max v.h. MuntenbosLRDingenouts Frans
Approved Menno MGRGevens Katrien
Approved Messi MGRjambon lies
Approved Mike From The Gundog FarmLRKolsteren Thea
Approved Ragweed's TripLRSchneider Sabine
Approved Sky my Melodie of Golden SpiritGRSchuurmans Gera
Approved Soinneanta FinneganGRSoons Petra
Approved Stonehunter Inka GreenGRHolemans Gerrit
Approved Thornmill KesGRBostyn Dorin
Approved Thornmill KnightGRCornielje Raymond
Approved Tofts People Are Strange 'Lucy'GRHaerens Hilde
Approved Tyne (Mika)LRSchmidt Ingrid
Approved Weljesten Promise AuGRSoons Petra
Approved Whispering Oaks Noble Finale No-YesGRCharles Bénédicte
Approved Windworker's CaltropGREsser Sarah
Approved Windworker's Dartford GRJäger Sandra
Approved Windworker's DevonGREsser Sarah
Approved X-Factor Jayne Of Mountain Forest GladeGRHolkeboer Yvonne
Approved Yellow Lady Of the Naughty dogs ( Nikki)GRHolkeboer Yvonne


Approved Abenthan BellLRHerrmann Volker
Approved Alliance de la Vie Fox FinderNSDTRHoornaert Isabel
Approved Amazing Acis my Golden SunshineGRDings Rob
Approved Black Magic of Hell's DoliFRBoerjan Nathalie
Approved Brave Noodles di Siena vom PalmblickFRSintobin Sabine
Not approved yetCaja vom Schellenberger WaldGRTheisen Stephan
Approved Castle Village AvonLRde Koningh Esther
Approved Cerbel In Love LRDijkkamp Jeroen
Approved Chester little Dragon from Fire FighterLRGUDAUSKI GILLIAN
Approved Cool Coffee Arlet StarLRBucca Dania
Approved Cornamang SilverbirchLRFrohne Ariane
Approved Crazylake AfrikaLRDierks-Meyer Bernadette
Approved easy rider of magic trustFRdegryse herman
Approved Fendawood GuardianLRHaack Natascha
Approved Fendawood Huntsman "Hunter"LRVolders Dirk
Approved Flatgold's Do It My WayFRDevriendt Danny
Approved Gleen Mhor's WisperGRJacobs Irene
Approved go on dopey the second off april skyLRAerts Marco
Approved Grace Brooks True Friends (Eva)GRGillissen F.L.
Approved Holland`s Brad of UpperclawsLRSchokker Victorine
Approved Hollygreen's Brilliant Love ShotGRBoonen Katrien
Approved Jersey Girls PatchLRTentler Cornelia
Approved JesseLRvan der Eijk Ingeborg
Approved Kaliture Ruby WishesGRMaelfait Ineke
Approved Kroonkennel's Only YouLRGOREUX CHANTAL
Approved Kroonkennel's OpineLRExelmans Fille
Approved Lovely Leonore of Cape MakkovikLRValentin Elisabeth
Approved Masters Of Water FinleyLRvandeputte dirk
Approved Opium des Quatre CyprèsLRGOREUX CHANTAL
Approved Otis of Mystirious PrideLRSchapmans Elie
Approved Quick Stepers Faried LRGünther Christine
Approved Renssor HeartbreakerGRWechtenbruch Heike
Approved Share the Moments with Black FjellFRLaas Andreas
Approved SL JollyChoc´s Eternal Doc´s DukeLRMüntel Volker
Approved Starcreek NomiLRBucca Dania
Approved TruroLRSchmidt Rob
Approved Wood fen NikitaLRVerachtert Maria
Approved Woodfen KamielLRVan den Bergh Els


Approved Amazing Petite My Golden SunshineGRWendt Benno
Approved Basil of t'Angels CourtLRVan Poeck Gudrun
Approved Beautiful hunter finn (keegan)LRDekker Wendie
Approved Blackfen OliveLRCoeckelberghs Alexandra
Approved Blackthorn Booster (Tom)LRMooij de Frits
Approved Candy Store PimmsLRValentin Elisabeth
Approved Dark Noble's Journey to the StarsFRSauer Marianne
Approved Deep lake pacoLRVan Steenberghe Gilbert
Approved Elza's Memory Raffa De Champagne GRde Ronde Henk
Approved Elza's Memory Remus de ChampagneGRDebersaques John
Approved Emmanygan SatchLRKoch Caroline
Approved Garrethall TealLRde Rooy Diaan
Approved Gundog´s Choice FlameLRFrohne Ariane
Approved Gundog´s Choice FlinteLRHuygens Gregory
Approved Hillfields MowsleyLRHof Anita van `t
Approved Kroonkennel's PukLRCeuppens Sonja
Approved Masters of Water HolwayLRvandeputte dirk
Approved Moukjærs BlianGRSwart Hans
Approved Oberon Of The Charmed AngelLRKetels Erwin
Approved One Shining Little-StarFRRanson Carla
Approved Only you of Mystirious PrideLRVan Ryne Marc
Approved Origi from Ulysse's SpiritLRMorel Frank
Approved Patrasche of Sharon's HometownLRQuackelbeen Freddy
Approved PhilGill's EasyGRjanssen-coolen gerrie
Approved Pikachu's Pride of Chicquera's CrownNSDTRVantorre Nikie
Approved Polihale Samuel AdamsGRPacqueu Marijke
Approved Preziuos Pippa of Hunter's WishLRSteurs Gunther
Approved Rocket Star PoirotLRSavels Jef
Approved Starcreek OmenLRMaelfait Jonas
Approved Tyrrellison Star RubyLRLeferink Lisa
Approved Westmacott Jael "Hazel"LRSpruyt Mario
Approved Wood Fen Gundogs On-JiLRTroch Anny
Approved Woodlanddogs Nice Girl NellGRBonte Lieve

Not approved yetInschrijving wacht op acceptatie van de organiserende club.
Approved Inschrijving geaccepteerd door de organiserende club.


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